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At first listen, “Rainbows,” by A is for Atom; gives me an artsy feel. The lead vocals are mesmerizingly rich, a baritone with great expression and range. I love how the lead doesn’t just ride the instrumentation, he accompanies it. His voice is yet another addition to the musical masterpiece. The production reminds me of experimental indie-pop, there are amazing climatic moments, coupled with passionate slow moments. It’s alluring and borders trance, but doesn’t exactly cross that line. The piece is definitely textured filled with layer after layer of melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic movement. That’s what makes the song so amazing, and definitely worth the listen.

- Amy Garon, Loudini

Rainbows, what really defines the song is an integral intelligence, the clever sonic choices and an elegant and understated approach. Pop? Yes, there is definitely pop infectiousness in its minimal majesty and dynamic play. Indie? Certainly, but more of the sort which defined the exploratory early years of the genre, spawned by the freedom of the post-punk independent label explosion and the new technological toys available to those bored with guitar led music. Rainbows also plays with chilled future-dance, film score drama, the more accessible and human end of Krautrockery and a drifting nu-New Romanticism if there is even such a thing. How Michael Cykoski manages to cover so much territory with so few musical building blocks is still a mystery to me but then if it was easy we would all be doing it…or at least trying to write about it. 

- Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture

An adventure-filled ride, captivating subject matter complimented by harmonious melodies and top-notch production.  – Louise Parker, Paste Magazine 

The captivating subject matter is complimented by harmonious melodies and top-notch production. Mike Cykoski is the genius behind the musical moniker, which impresses us with every listen. 

– Jane Lambert, Modern Mystery

The indie pop nature of his tunes bring enlightening elements that give a whole new spin on the "Brooklyn" sound. The result is a prominent sound that blends pop, dance, electro and a dash of classic rock...making the perfect Rock n' Roll cocktail.

- Karrie Lowell, Kurrent Music

“Rainbows” and “No Signal” is where Radiohead meets Bowie in the EP’s intro track “Goldmine,” which sets a dark, spacey tone for the tracks following. “No Signal” is a stand-out, perfectly crafted and produced with the help of New York City-based vocalist Clara Lofaro. Lofaro and frontman Mike Cykoski deliver pitch-perfect harmonies blended with an electronica-tinged beat that will leave the tune stuck in your head for days to come.

- Independent Artist Buzz 

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